R E S T & R E L A X


Experience ease and effortlessness in body and mind with massage therapist and yoga teacher Erika Zettervall

at home and in the workplace

A good massage leaves you with a great feeling of space and freedom in body and mind.


In the treatments I use strong and firm work in the tissue, stretches and mobilisations as well as more subtle energetic touch. Working gradually through tension invites the muscles to ease grip and let go effortlessly without forcing, this allows body and mind to release and move into state of ease and calm promoting and cultivating a deeper state of relaxation, where healing and restoration happen.


We can then feel recharged and energised when there is more space, efficiency and effortlessness in body and mind.


For massage in the workplace I visit for a block of time, use a massage chair and working through clothing in shorter sessions, 15-20 min per person, focusing on back, neck and shoulders as well as stretching and mobilising joints. It’s a great benefit to be given a moment and break in the day where there is no need to perform, achieve or being evaluated just relax and receive as well as having back and neck cared for.


For more information please contact me.


In addition to massage I practice and teach Yoga to small private groups or one to one.

I teach a mindful and gentle flow linking movement and breath with some longer holds of postures to encourage a deeper meditative and accepting quality in the practice. Building strength and exploring balance as well as releasing tension and cultivate increased flexibility in body and mind. Ultimately, the aim of Yoga is to bring the body into a place of stillness, equilibrium, clarity of mind and a sense effortless ease.



Photography by Miriam Escofet.

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