R E S T & R E L A X



I was first introduced into practicing bodywork in 1997. Whilst travelling in South East Asia I spend some time in Chiang Mai where I attended a course in Thai massage. During that initial training in Thailand something clicked with me joining up my tactile sense with an interest in the physical body, movement and health.


Prior to that I had over the years enjoyed receiving massage on plenty occasion but never considered it a career option.


I then followed onto spending a year in United States, enrolling into a fulltime program at Utah Collage of Massage Therapy, a very comprehensive program that covers Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, and Reflexology as well as well as in depth Anatomy and Physiology. I qualified from there at the end of 1998.


Around the same time I took my first ever yoga class and could instantly feel its many benefits. Throughout the training in the States it became clear to me yoga is the greatest companion piece and complement to bodywork for both practitioner and recipient.

Leading me onto partaking in Yoga Campus Yoga Teacher training for the purpose to deepening knowledge and understanding of yoga.


Through the course I met my main teacher Rod Stryker founder of Para Yoga, who’s the main focus in my own practice and development.



I particularly enjoy and have an interest in bringing health, wellbeing and balance into professional (often very stressed) women going through challenging times in life. Something I can strongly relate to and have empathy with both personally and through the clients I have worked with over the years. My own professional life started out in a noisy hectic environment as an options broker in the City that resulted in a hard landing after redundancy and later a start of a very different life style.


Over the years I have been able to work in the setting of Yoga holidays/retreats in the UK as well as Italy and France, collaborating with yoga teachers (Alexa Harris, Margherita Dal Pra, Liz Lark and Emily Reed to name a few). I find it very rewarding to work in an environment that enhances the effect and integration of treatments.

Photography by Miriam Escofet.

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